Who We Are

Pioneers for possibility

We are a multidisciplinary community of leading health experts driven by the opportunity to create a better picture for women’s health. We are thought leaders, health practitioners and centers of excellence united by the question, “What if?”

We are not one size fits all

Did you know most prescription drugs on the market today considered safe for women have never been tested on women? Women are 50% more likely to suffer adverse reactions to prescriptions drugs, yet until the 1990s, we were excluded from drug trials and other clinical studies. What if women were equally represented in medical research? How could it change your health?

At WomensHealth, we are advocates for a growing trend towards gender-based medicine; health care that recognizes that biological and physiological differences between men and women influence medical diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

Sex and gender matter. New research proves medical illness, diagnosis and response to treatment is influenced by everything from our physical make up, to our hormones, lifestyle, environment and more. In light of this knowledge, we are faced with the challenge of re-thinking our approach to healthcare information, education and practice.

WomensHealth is our collaborative effort to open a window to a broader, more inclusive picture of health and wellbeing as it relates to care for women at key life stages.