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A Breakthrough Health And Wellness Website For Women

WomensHealth is an entirely different socially driven online information resource just for women.

Who We Are

WomensHealth is a multidisciplinary community of leading health experts driven by the opportunity to create a better picture for women's health. We are pioneers for possibility. We are thought leaders, health practitioners and centers of excellence united by the question, "What if?" We are advocates for a broader, more inclusive picture of health and wellbeing as it relates to care for women at key life stages.

What We Do

We bring together the world's leading minds and practitioners in women's health to help you get the answers you need to live your best picture of health. Here, you'll find diverse perspectives and emerging information on women's health that reinforces your individuality within the wider context of our common health challenges and goals.

At WomensHealth our vision is to help you get relevant, trusted health information and support that fits.

Did You Know?

Most prescription drugs on the market today considered safe for women have never been tested on women. Yet, women are 50% more likely than men to suffer adverse reactions to prescriptions drugs.

What if women were equally represented in medical research? How could it change your health?

Launching Spring 2014

Imagine better care for women, at home and around the world. How do we get there? Perhaps, we need to change the conversation. Get ready for WomensHealth. Join us here in 2014 to learn, share and ask tough questions that empower each of us to live our healthiest lives, every day. We'll see you soon!

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We Want To Hear From You!
Your ideas shape the information and perspectives you'll find on WomensHealth. Make your voice count. Tell us what kind of women-centered health information you'd like to see here in 2014.

Your privacy and trust are important to us. WomensHealth never sells or rents subscriber information to third parties.